WG6: Dissemination


Working group six

To synthesise and disseminate the evidence from WG 1-5 to scientific, clinical, managerial, opinion leader, policy maker and service user stakeholders.

Chair: Olga Gouni info@cosmoanelixis.gr
Co-chair: Assistant professor Dolores Ruiz Berdún lola.ruizberdun@uah.es

To synthesise and disseminate the evidence from WG 1-5 to scientific, clinical,managerial, opinion leader, policy maker and service user stakeholders. Use will be made of realist research techniques, and mixed-methods review methodology to bring together the data from WG1-5, on the basis of both ‘what works, for who, in what circumstances’, and in terms of the formula, ‘mechanism + context =outcome’. This will be integrated with new insights from emerging Implementation Science studies to inform the design of knowledge transfer tools and techniques, and the use and design of such tools and techniques for specific stakeholder groups, including the use of new e-and m-technologies.

WG6 profiles

Olga Gouni bw

Olga Gouni
Cosmoanelixis, Prenatal & Life Sciences
Disciplinary background: Prenatal psychology

Olga has studied Law at the Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece but she continued her studies exploring the prenatal aspects of our human experience getting a professional specialization in Whole-Self Prenatal Psychology.

This is the field she has devoted her energy. For the last almost 20 years she has been running cosmoanelixis, which under the new legal status offers post-graduate and professional education in the field of Prenatal & Life Sciences both online and on site.

She is the president of the Hellenic Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, NGO, Athens, Greece. She has published 2 books and has written a number of articles & papers.

Lola Dolores cropped bw

Assistant Professor Dolores Ruiz Berdún
Universidad de Alcalá
Disciplinary background: History/women’s studies/midwifery researcher

Dolores holds a degree in nursing (1987), in midwifery (1996) and in Information and Documentation (2001), a Masters degree in University Teaching (2013) and a PhD in History of Science (2012).

She worked for 8 years as a clinical nurse and 18 years as a clinical midwife before joining the Universidad de Alcalá, where she is now Professor of Medical Humanities and History of Science for pharmacist, chemical, biological and medical students. From 2007 to 2013 she also worked as a Professor of Midwifery Studies at the Madrid Midwifery Teaching Unit, and from 2000 to 2014 as a Associated Professor at the Red Cross School of Nursing of Madrid.

Dolores is a founding member of the Parenting and Breastfeeding Support Group Lactard. Read more here.

Her current research is focused in History of Midwifery, History of Obstetrics and childbirth. She is also interested in social and ethics dimensions of obstetric care. Read more here.


Professor Karin Minnie
North West University, South Africa

Disciplinary background: INSINQ – Quality in Nursing and Midwifery

Karin Minnie is an Associate Professor and Director of INSINQ, a research entity at the North-West University in South Africa.

Her research interests are: promoting evidence-based practices such as continuous support during childbirth and facilitating kind and compassionate childbirth. She is also interested in knowledge translation and realist research.


Liv Bodil Eide
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Disciplinary background: Child welfare

Education: Child welfare worker. Master in Social anthropology.

Master thesis: Intimacy and distance- the relationship between mother and midwife in planned homebirths and hospital births in Sweden.

Research interests: Childbirth – implications of birth place, authoritative knowledge. Childbirth and organization of care. Using Digital storytelling to improve child welfare and social work students` reflections on, and communication of, their own professional learning. Using Digital storytelling in research dissemination.

Interviews done by Liv Bodil Eide from the Crete meeting (March 2017):


Interview with Bengt Lindstrom

Interview with Michelle Sadler

WG6 Reports

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WG6: Dissemination

WG6 (Jan 2017): Ready to download now.

Nicoletta Setola, Eletta Naldi, Grazia Giulia Cocina, Liv Bodil Eide, Laura Iannuzzi  and Deirdre Daly, The Impact of the Physical Environment on Intrapartum Maternity Care: Identification of Eight Crucial Building Spaces in the Health Environments Research & Design Journal. 2019, pdf.

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