Early Career Investigators


Early Career Investigators Think Tank (ECI)

Chair: Professor Dr. Claudia Meier Magistretti claudia.meiermagistretti@hslu.ch

The Early Career Investigators Think Tank (ECI) aims to support researchers to get involved in active research and co-publication, to learn techniques, theoretical approaches, and research skills from each other and from experts. Researchers are supported in developing their own research ideas so that they can gain funding to continue working in this area after the end of the Action. The Think tank is open to all researchers from one of the COST-countries who are working on a PHD or who are Post Doc with a PHD completed within the last eight years. Their topics of interest have to be related to the aims of COST-Action 1405, where a range of experimental and technical facilities is available across the participating institutions. These range from access to laboratory resources to expertise in complex statistics and organizational theory. Furthermore, Short Term scientific Missions STSMs and Training Schools allow access to the institutionally based resources, and Working Groups, Conferences, the Action website and the networks provided by the ECI think tank and their leader allow access to the human resources.

ECI Think tank currently has a fluctuating number of members – since the think tank’s main function is to support the Early Career Researchers, members can join and leave the group following their needs.

Two face-to-face meetings have been held to establish the group, assess the needs and organize the networking. Members aim to gain networks within the scientific community, they hope to get opportunities to participate in different projects and to get the opportunity to visit researchers in other countries.

Some of them define political goals as empowering women by evidence based research, engaging midwives in doing research in their countries and humanizing birth in general. A strong need is to get mentoring and support in the own (PHD-) research and to find professional help with proofreading English texts. Support in writing STSM applications was wished by several participants.

A call for STSM on the topic of cross country comparison of practice was suggested. The main topics of interest range from psychosocial and medical aspects of maternity care to organizational cultures in birth giving environments. Training schools are asked for fundraising, cross cultural study designs and international comparative research as well as for specific methodological knowledge in interdisciplinary research.

A virtual discussion and exchange platform has been established, where weekly meetings are conducted with ECI’s who want to participate in sharing information, asking advice for their own studies or looking for networking support. New member are welcome to contact the think tank lead for further information.

ECI profile

Claudia Meier Magistretti crop bw

Professor Dr. Claudia Meier Magistretti
Lucerne University for Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne, Switzerland
Disciplinary background: Health and clinical Psychology, Public Health

Claudia is Director of Research at the Lucerne University for Applied Sciences and Arts (Department of Social Work) and specialises in Public Health and Health Promotion research and teaching.

Her main research areas are early life care and education, prevention and health promotion, gender and diversity in health, work place health promotion and health management, effectiveness measurement and evaluation. More here.

ECI Reports

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Dr Claudia Meier Magistretti’s presentation from the Sofia meeting is now available to download. The presentation covers work by the Early Career Investigators Think Tank (Spring 2016 – Autumn 2015). You can download it here.

ECI (Sept 2016): You can download the report here.

ECI (March 2017): There is a pdf of Claudia Meier’s ECI activities round up available to download here.

Claudia Meier Magistretti’s ECI presentation from the Malta meeting in November 2019, 2014-2018 Growing Four Years – Four Years of Growing, pdf.